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    Who We Are -

    Indydot Infotech Pvt Ltd is famous for the top-ranking company in India which is basically known as to serve the excellent services of  IT & Man Power Recruitment functions like web development, E-commerce website development, software system development, brand planning, dynamic websites, advertising and also so many other IT services provides. Indydot Infotech Pvt Ltd is based in Patna, Bihar from the last three years which was established by Preeti Kumari & Ravi Kumar whose also known as the founder of this company. Our company has the main motto to focus on what clients demand and then after our expert's team has been started work on the project.

    Indydot Infotech Pvt Ltd is present with an aim to expand the business capacity of clients through the provision of digital solutions. This company has top-class expertise available that’s capable to handle any types of client projects smoothly. Indydot Infotech Pvt ltd gains a strong bonding with other companies by the help of to provide web development & IT development services. The Indydot Infotech Pvt ltd has helped and short out the problems for 500 plus companies.

    We also provide an excellent chance to get a high pay role job in different popular companies through Man Power Recruitment services. During this process, our company has to give the opportunity for those candidates who want to take jobs in top brands and to make a good salary package.

    Message us anytime by email or live chat. Our Happiness Team is always here to help you succeed.