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  • Payment Gateway Support

    Payment Gateway Support

    Indydot Infotech, provides online payment gateway service support to merchants around the world. The payment gateway service support is helpful in extended to any business in spite of size, processing volume and industry.

    Basically, it’s a service that provides remote tech support for a bunch of users. We don’t want to talk a lot of this introduction, because we believe you are about to start a tech support business soon. Out of the various risks you should consider while setting up a PC tech support business, our help for  getting a merchant account is perhaps the most noticeable one. Because the industry is seen as high-risk, it’s not easy to get a payment gateway or merchant account if you have such a business. But, don’t worry; we have some effective solutions to overcome this situation. We have created a complete guide for getting an effective payment gateway for tech support.

    Whether you are a business running payment gateaway or technichal supporter an individual looking for your own gateway to process financial business transactions, we can offer you a great support for sponsored merchant account that is available 24×7. It is open for vendors all over the world. You can transact in a multi currency platform that facilitates GBP, EUR and USD currencies. This perfectly suits the demands of a growing business that has offshore operations as well.


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